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I’m Kendra, the public services librarian and this week I’m bringing you reviews of some of the new fiction books in our collection. Make sure to stop by the library and check out our collection.

The Girl on the Run

The Girl on the Run is the story about 15 year old Rylee. She is a self proclaimed liar. Her family has been on the run since she was a little girl. Every few months it seems, Rylee, her mother, step-father, and little brother Hayden pack up and move. Never the same place twice and never with advance warning. When the time comes for them to move, they simply throw names of different cities in a fishbowl and pull one out. Whatever is on that piece of paper is their new location. They change addresses, identities, and hair color. Rylee, who’s been told a vague explanation of her mom having a stalkerish ex-boyfriend, has never known the true reason for these moves… until now.
When she comes home to find her mother missing, her step-father murdered, and her little brother crying next to the body, she sees a message from her step-father in blood. It is the family’s secret code and it says RUN. Rylee sets off on a journey to find out her mother’s past, secure her little brother, and face the monster that the family has been running from her whole life… her birth father.
Gregg Olsen takes you on a spine tingling journey through the Northwest. Across a tiny island, Washington state, and Idaho, Rylee must follow the information her mother left her in a bid to save her mother, avenge her step-father, and protect her little brother. Rylee must do what no 15 year old should ever face… a fight that could leave those she loves dead.
I read this book in under three days. The drama, the intrigue, and the clues will keep you on the edge of your seat and make it hard to put down.

Prejudice & Pride
You know Darcy: rich, proud, disapproving, standoffish, Colin Firth-y in a wet shirt clinging to his chest. But you don’t know this Darcy because this Darcy is a woman.
Bennet Bethle knows Darcy, too—at least, the type. Working as a fundraiser for the Longbourn Collection, an art museum in Queens, he’s met a lot of condescending rich women. Intrigued by Darcy, Bennet finds himself watching her whenever she is around. He believes he has her all figured out. He knows exactly how this story goes.
But this story doesn’t quite go as it should. Despite her aloofness, Darcy’s own interest has been piqued by the irreverent Bennet. They are thrown together constantly thanks to her friend Charlotte “Bingley” Bingston, as she plans a ball at the Netherfield hotel to benefit the Longbourn Collection. Well, she is either planning a ball or hitting on his brother—it’s hard for Bennet to say. One thing, however, is crystal clear: He doesn’t like Darcy. And yet the more time they spend together, the more that theory changes.
This new twist on an old favorite was hard to put down. I read this book in under a week while reading chunks of the original. If you love classics, but wish them to be more modern and relevant to today’s time, then you can’t go wrong with Lynn Messina’s Prejudice & Pride.


Miles’s little brother Teddy is missing. The police believe he drowned at the beach—the very same day Miles had his first schizophrenic episode. But Miles knows better—Teddy is alive. Kidnapped. There was even a witness! Fueled by guilt, Miles sets off to rescue Teddy.
There is so much to overcome, though. The endless pills he must take. The girl who steals his heart and plays with it. The black crows that follow him.
As seen through Miles’s distorted perception, his world closes around him as he pushes to keep it open. What you think you know about his world is actually a blur of gray, though, and the sharp focus of reality proves startling.
The New York Times bestselling author offers a fascinating and ultimately quite hopeful story of one teen’s downward spiral into mental illness. ~Amazon Review
With Mental health Month approaching (May), this story gives an in-depth look at a teenager struggling with schizophrenia. While trying to figure out the mystery of his missing little brother, Miles must figure out what is real and what is not. He faces the usual teenage angst of girl problems, school, and peer pressure while also dealing with a mental illness that has others questioning his sanity. For those interested in mental health issues or just looking for a different teenage perspective, this book is a winner.

So stop by the library today and see our amazing fiction collection. And remember, if there’s a title you’re interested in, make sure to go to the Library spoke on the Hub and “Suggest A Purchase.”