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40 Years Ago

Though some athletes return to Northfield Mount Hermon before registration in order to practice, the earlier start to the school year has made weeklong preseason camps a thing of the past. This article recalls them and recounts the first camp for girl’s soccer.

from The Bridge; vol. VIII, no. 1; p. 3 (October 18, 1976).

Soccer: 1st In N.M.H. History

With great enthusiasm expressed by returning team members, and much organized planning on the part of their coach, the NMH girls’ soccer team became the first women’s team in the history of NMH to participate in a pre-season athletic camp sponsored by the school.

Letters were sent out earlier in the summer to 70 students interested in playing any kind of women’s soccer, whether competitively, or intramurally. Out of these 70, 32 participated in the soccer camp. The camp started on September 12th, and continued to the end of the week. Immediately following Sunday’s registration, the girls gathered on the Crossley-Hayden field for their first practice.

Many new drills and skills were introduced to the camp team members. Confusion soon followed. Yet, with practice and supplementary explanations, everything was back to order and groups of 3’s and 4’s were soon spread out across the field. Girls could be seen dodging, tackling, juggling and heading, consequently, there were soccer balls flying in all directions.

Unfortunately, these practice sessions were [not without cost]. New sore and aching muscles revealed themselves soon after morning drills began, continuing throughout the week as new exercises demanded much use from unexpected muscles. Still as time wore on, great potential and talent were shown by the improving athletes.

The players interested in trying out for the varsity and JV teams will continue their practices at Northfield, below Meany Gym. Tryouts will be held at the end of next week. Those who were not able to attend the camp but who would like to try out for the team should get in touch with Dorie Viguers who can be reached at the Northfield Gym.

Many thanks to Coach Viguers, co-coaches Mary Ellen Peller and Liz Michaelson, and the school, for making this camp possible.

With this concentrated week of field practice and blackboard teaching behind them, the eventual teams are sure to be strong and consistent.

If end of season records might be viewed as some indicator of the success of a pre-season camp, this one was quite successful. The team finished with a record of 7-4-0, including a first ever win over Andover, after finishing the season before with a record of 1-5-2. –ed.