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25 Years Ago

Time management, ‘90s style. I am sure that nothing like this happens at NMH these days. And it never happened to any of us, either, right?

from The Bridge, vol. XXIII, no. 2; p. 2 (October 11, 1991).

Sob Story Number One, NMH Style

Time. Time is precious at NMH. If students could buy more hours in which to do their homework, do their sports, do their extracurricular activities I’m sure they would. Why has time become so important and valued? Because there is so little of it.

It seems to me that the complaint that I hear most often uses this formula:
“Oh my God! I had so much homework last night! I had this English paper due today, and I wasn’t done at 2:00 last night, so I went to bed, but I had to get up at six this morning, so I only got four hours of sleep last night.”

That’s all your friend hears, but let’s go back and take a look at what really happened…

You were sitting in your room after dinner, staring blankly at your assignment book, trying to figure out which assignments you could blow off until tomorrow night. (Bad Move #1.) Then, overwhelmed at the thought of so much homework, you decide to go next door and play Nintendo for a while. (Bad Move #2.) After roughly an hour of digital fun, you go back to your room, pick up a pen, and start to write that English paper. Around seven minutes later, that little trinket that your roommate bought for you in Souvenir City, USA catches yours eye and you pick it up. (Bad Move #3.) “Wow, this is really neat,” you say to yourself, “I’ve never noticed this little patch of green before!” This continues until your best friend from the second floor comes in to talk to you about a) girlfriends, b) cars, or c)”My God, I’ve got so much homework!” (Stopping to talk with your friends is, you guessed it, Bad Move #4.)

Here it is, 10:00, study hall is over, the pizzas have arrived, and all you’ve got is a really nifty heading and topic sentence on the English paper. You get frustrated by your inability to put pen to paper, so you make several feeble, weak-willed efforts to work on other subjects. All fail miserably. You are further angered by your lack of follow-through on these subjects, so you leave the room to go talk with your best friend on the second floor. (Bad Move #5.)

It only gets worse from here, as the author gets up to Bad Move #8. If you want to read the rest, you know where to find the article. Better still, go finish that English paper! –ed.

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