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85 Years Ago

from The Hermonite, vol. XLV, no. 4; p. 1 (October 24, 1931).


This evening, the residents of the hill…will be treated to their first taste of the “talkies” in their own theatre. For a long time, the authorities have been investigating the makes and prices of this latest innovation of moving-picture entertainment. Tonight, the Sonofilm Company are to give a demonstration with their machine.

The picture is “Daddy Long Legs,” in which Miss Janet Gaynor is featured. There will also be a news reel. It is through the efforts of Mr. Hatch and Mr. Ross that the Sonofilm people give this demonstration. Whether we shall get the desired pair of these machines will be very much up to the students; for Doctor Cutler will, undoubtedly, sanction the expenditure of about $2,500 for this equipment only if he feels that such an expense will be worthwhile.

Naturally, of course, the demonstration will be handicapped somewhat by the fact that only one machine will be in use. As this is a demonstration, and as everyone knows that not all on the hill are convinced of the practicality of such an entertainment in Camp Hall, it is, therefore, hoped that each student will behave himself. It is not a secret that a Hermon audience can sometimes be a bit noisy!

It would be a full year before a projector capable of reproducing sound as well as pictures would be installed in the school auditorium (now Grandin). Today, community members can enjoy a wide selection of films on DVD available at Schauffler Library, though many will prefer streaming movies through laptops . Your editor thinks there's nothing to replace the big screen, not even a big screen TV. --ed.

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