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60 Years Ago

Here’s an account of an odd “first” in school history. Unfortunately, no photographic evidence of the event exists in the school archives. Too bad.

from The Hermonite, vol. LXX, no. 6; p. 1  (December 13, 1956).

“Bermuda Holiday” Theme Marks Successful Senior Dance at Gym; Ballads, Band, and Breed Perform For Bermuda-Clad Beachcombers

Amid the splendor of Bermuda, the Senior Class held its first party of the school year on Saturday, December 1st in the James Gymnasium here at Hermon.

The atmosphere of the “Bermuda Holiday” theme was furthered by the Bermuda shorts worn by the majority of the couples attending. It was the first time in Mount Hermon-Northfield history social history that this type of dress was permitted at such a gathering. One attending the dance may have noticed a well-known faculty member gliding about the dance floor in the conventional dress of the party.

…[S]cenes constructed by the Class of ’57 added to the relaxed mood prevailing throughout the evening. In one corner stood an elaborate floral display with the class numerals written in a cluster of flowers. A pool inhabited by goldfish was centered in the brilliant display. In the opposite corner a scene by the seashore was portrayed with all but the ocean spray represented. A mural on the center wall of the gym showed the Bermuda horizon with “Bermuda Holiday” lettered on it. Faculty corner was another scene of interest with the position named “Observation Point” where beach chairs and a background of greenery contributed to the theme.

The entertainment consisted of the jazz band, the Triple Quartet, and an amazing demonstration of golf shots by Al Breed.

After the party, social chairman Bob Aks expressed the hope that this would set a precedent for other classes who wish to have a party of a similar type.