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35 Years Ago

This week we recall the 35th birthday of our Model UN group, which emulates a body whose highest aspiration is to promote international understanding and peace – The United Nations.

from The Bridge, vol. XIII, no. 10; p. 3  (January 13, 1982).

Top Model

            There is a new club starting at Northfield Mount Hermon this term. This is the Model United Nations, a forum for international politics modeled on the United Nations in New York. We represent different nations at national conferences sponsored by colleges. We role-play these different nations, research the situation, write resolutions and debate them as representatives of the respective nations.

            Training for these conferences will take place at the meetings on campus of the Model U.N. These meetings will take place once or twice a week, where members will practice parliamentary procedures and prepare the prospective delegates for the upcoming conference. These meetings will also be modeled after the U.N.

            Future conferences this year include the Plymouth State conference, the Georgetown and Yale conferences, and a New York conference.

            The club takes some time doing research for the conferences and practicing debate techniques. If you have an interest in international politics and relations, then this club should be rewarding.