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50 Years Ago

            The creation of Northfield Mount Hermon from its constituent parts, Northfield and Mount Hermon Schools, was a gradual process. Some readers may remember the occasional girl at Mount Hermon or boy at Northfield taking an advanced class, particularly in the Modern Language Department, in the early 1960s but the classes described below were the first real steps towards coeducation and the formation of Northfield Mount Hermon.

from The Hermonite, vol. LXXXI, no. 6, p. 1; November 8, 1967.

Selected Courses Offer Co-Education

Nine Northfield students have been the object of careful observation on the part of the Northfield and Mount Hermon Schools’ faculty and administration this year.
The girls are participating in the two co-educational classes being held at Mount Hermon. Leslie Barger, Ann Burbank, Lee Ferry, Nancy Alexander, Jean Davis, Marci Stewart and Camilla Rockwell are the girls enrolled in the advanced biology course taught by Miss Gage of the Northfield faculty and Mr. Richard Leavitt, head of Mount Hermon’s Biology Department. Laura Chang and Josett Lee are enrolled in Chinese I, taught by Mr. Allan Stewart of Mount Hermon.
The girls arrive on campus at eight o’clock, and return to Northfield in time for chapel at 10:10.
The teachers of the advanced biology course have expressed their confidence in the progress of the group, as have the 15 boys enrolled in the second year science. The students in Chinese I, a smaller group with only five boys enrolled, also feel that they are learning successfully in a somewhat changed atmosphere.
The biology course, centered around laboratory work, is conducted in a modified form of team teaching, and frequent rotation has given the girls a chance to work with various groups of boys.
The only previous co-ed class at Mount Hermon was an advanced level Spanish course taught several years ago, in which two Northfield students were enrolled.
The co-educational class program is a step toward establishing a more natural Northfield-Mount Hermon relationship and also a means of providing the best education for the students of both schools. Hopefully, the present co-ed classes will work out well enough to inspire the creation of others in future school years.