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70 Years Ago

            For many years “Deerfield Weekend” was the culminating event of the fall sports calendar. Here is an account of one such Saturday.

from The Hermonite, vol. LXI, no. 6, p. 4; November 29, 1947.

Entire School At Deerfield

Green is Gracious Host: Movies Shown Students

The official address for Mount Hermon School for the afternoon of November 15 was Deerfield, Massachusetts; for nearly five hundred students and most of the staff had migrated south for the final varsity football game of the year, against Deerfield Academy. The observance of this custom, followed the last five years when the game has been away from home, left the campus as deserted as it will be this time next month.

Two Bus Trips

Enthusiasm for the game had reached a high point by 12:35 on Saturday, when the first busses left from Camp Hall [Now Grandin Auditorium –ed.], carrying the band, cheerleaders, and the first group of students. At 1:35, the busses made a second trip with the remainder of the student body.

At Deerfield, 2:00 o’clock found the Hermon stands well packed with tense spectators, including many parents and alumni who had returned for the game.

Bands at Half

The bands combined to add much color to the game. At half-time, David Lynn led a Hermon band, which showed remarkable development since early fall, in forming the Deerfield letters in front of their stands and playing a song of the rival school; following this, the Deerfield band reciprocated with the Hermon letters and a Hermon tune in front of the Hermon stands. At the close of the game the band accompanied the spectators in singing the Alma Mater.

Movies Shown

The students returned in two bus shifts, those going on the early bus who had gone to the game first. A program of movie shorts was shown for those who remained at Deerfield for the second trip.