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120 Years Ago

            In its early years, The Hermonite featured two regular columns which digested the latest school news at Northfield and Mount Hermon. Careful reading of these occasionally brings previously unremarked facts to light. Below we print just such an example, as we celebrate the 120th anniversary of the purchase of the land on which Overtoun Hall sits. 

from The Hermonite, vol. XI, no.8, pp. 116; January 15, 1898.


E.B. Freeman has been appointed officer of Cottage I.

A mock trial was held on New Year’s Day, with Judge Clotworthy on the bench.

The New Year was rung in at Hermon for the first time by tapping the bell with a hammer.

A new ceiling of Cottage 4 basement was put in and wall painted during the past vacation.

Miss Miller, Mr. Fite, and Mr. and Mrs. Douglass spent the vacation at Hermon, occupying a part of the South Farmhouse.

The following men will not return to school: Schweitzer, ’99; Poole, ’01; Bradley, ’01; W.T. Capron, ’01; Young, ’01; Stadie, ’99.

Work on the new chapel has been discontinued for the winter. However, twenty-seven stone cutters are still employed preparing the granite for the spring work.

The property of Charles Severance adjoining Mount Hermon on the south has passed into the hands of E.L. Kelley. A new dormitory and dining hall will be erected on this ground just south of the athletic field. Materials for buildings are now being hauled to the site.

Under a change in classification rules, a student may be classified as a Senior or Senior Middle if he is behind his class not more than one year of a daily study and one year of Bible, elocution or composition. This change does not apply to students below the two classes mentioned. Penmanship and spelling maintain their ancestral high standing and hold their delinquents down to Junior [The equivalent of a 9th grader today –ed.] classification.

Too bad for Overtoun residents that they didn't build that dining hall...