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130 Years Ago

            Over the course of the next two weeks people around the world will be welcoming a new lunar year -- the Year of the Dog. In 1888, some students here were similarly celebrating a new year. Henry Rankin noted one event at Mount Hermon that winter in his history of the schools.

from HAND-BOOK OF THE NORTHFIELD SEMINARY AND THE MT. HERMON SCHOOL, Chicago, Fleming H. Revell, 1889, p. 172.

February 21, on the evening of this day, which was part of the Chinese new year’s anniversary, the nine Chinese students gave a dinner to the faculty. It was a pleasant and unique occasion.

Note that the zodiac of animals is a twelve year cycle so the 1888 celebration ushered in the Year of the Rat. To get some idea of the school in these days, there were 16 teachers and 247 students when classes began in the fall.  –ed.